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Air freight services, Sea freight services, Road transport, Warehousing, customs and clearance are the services we effectively carry in national and international levels.

We are specialists in freight forwarding to Fiji, Samoa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and New Zealand. We have branches in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra for easy access to the customers.

Door to door, Priority mails, Countryside shipment, Overnight service, Domestic and interstate, Next day delivery, Domestic and Pack &Send are the list of services we do expertly.

Why Choose Us

  • Best advice and cost effective operations.
  • Safe delivery at the assured time.
  • Conforms to the national and international legal standards.
  • Quality materials and quality service.
  • Environment friendly.

Door to Door Service

To avoid your hardship, we deliver your goods door to door whether it is a single consignment sent by an individual or a truck of load sent by a company. Further transportation from a common point of delivery to the destination is avoided and you are free to do your regular business activities. We are effectively doing it for a long time and we received no complaints but only compliments.

Priority Mails

In business world, very often we hear the word ‘urgency’. Individuals also come across this urgency many times. We know the pulse of our customers and act accordingly. We assure the best possible earliest delivery and once agreed upon, we do the rest to keep our words.

Our operations are flawless and with our experience we are the most qualified service provider to carry your urgent mails. We give priority to your mails, as you do.

Country Side

To and from shipments for countryside usually involves long distances, different road conditions and different climatic conditions. Very often it involves transfer of mode of shipment also and it is sometimes difficult to carry forward than carrying the urban and suburban shipments.

With our experience, we know the places of hardships and we come up with instant solutions to ensure the continuous movement of the shipments to reach safely and securely at the destination.

Overnight Service

You book your consignment and conclude the conversation with the receiver of the consignment with a ‘Good Night’. We carry the consignment, safely in the dark and the receiver will greet you with a ‘Good Morning’ and the ‘received’ message.

We are having a big list of our customers who benefitted from this reliable service. Try it to know it by yourself.

Domestic and Interstate

Domestic and Interstate shipment involves shipment to urban, suburban and countryside places. It requires single mode of transportation or the integration of the road, rail and air freight depending on the shipment.

We expertly carry this forwarding for many years and we are well known to many quality service providers and we are in the good book of custom houses.

Whenever a need arises for you, call us. Race Freight is always at your service.

Next Day Delivery

Depending on the nature of the shipment and the time of your booking, next day delivery is an absolute possibility for certain destinations. When you approach us for your freight forwarding, we readily come up with the solution as we have a huge data to ascertain the possibility.

Once agreed means, the shipment is delivered next day. This efficient service is also cost effective.


We don’t leave any loose ends in the domestic service. Many times, goods to metropolitan areas need immediate distribution to the market and ensuring the availability is the most important thing for the concerned businesses.

As we do it perfectly, we are a well known name in the domestic circle and we work further to have more and more customers.

Pack and Send

When packing of the goods is needed before the shipment, we are always there to make your work easier. Our well trained man power act swiftly and do the packing professionally. Quality and cost effective materials are used and our expertise helps you in the optimum utilization of the space and in easy loading and unloading.

Contact us whenever you have to pack your goods. We pack and send it for you.

Containers Moved

Containers are integral and important part of freight forwarding. Many varieties of containers are available and the right, cost effective one is always chosen for shipping your goods. For perishable and frozen goods, refrigerated containers are available. Some goods which need regular shipments in bulk quantity need customized containers.

We advice and prefer specific containers for particular goods. We choose the best service which ensures proper and safe handling of goods. Our long experience helps us to assure you the best service whether your need is to carry locally or internationally.

International Freight

International freight forwarding is the major part of export and import business. Exporters and importers are always looking for a reliable service so that their business moves seamlessly.

We are an expert in international freight forwarding and we use all modes of transportation like air, sea and rail to reach the destinations in time. We always ensure safe and secure delivery so as to earn a good name for the customers relying on us.

As we are the best in international freight forwarding, we welcome you to try our reliable service.