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ABOUT Racer Group

Racer Freight Services is an Australian company based in Sydney which has its branches in Brisbane and Canberra.

Racer Freight Services is Sydney based Australian Company which has its branches in Brisbane and Canberra. Airfreight, Sear freight, Customs and Clearance, Road Transport, Warehousing and Distribution are effectively carried by us in National and Multinational levels. With our knowledge and experience we assure and deliver quality service. Our experience helps the seamless movement of goods which is the lifeline of exporters and importers.

We give the best advice and carry out the cost effective freight forwarding. We do continuous tracking and the customer is always updated with the exact position of the shipment. We deliver on time and in good condition as agreed and by keeping the business standards we maintain long lasting relationship with our customers.

Our specialization

Air freight and Sea Freight

The coordination of the movement of the shipment and integration of services is accurately done in Air freight and Sea freight forwarding which assures stress free life for the exporters and importers.

Road Transport

From the ports to the point of delivery, we handle many types of trucks of various capacities, refrigerated trucks, container service etc. to reach in time and in the prescribed condition.

Customs and Legalities

International and multinational shipments need many clearances and much legality is involved. By conforming to all standards, we abide by the laws of the land to ship the goods safely and securely.

Our mission

“ To keep the customer at the helm of affairs in all our operations and at all levels.”

We strive hard to keep high standards in customer relations and we always aim to present the customers with good results. We feel happy and have the satisfaction of ‘work done’, when we meet the customers with the exact results as assured.


“We gain an order when one is in need of our service. He becomes our customer when we serve with quality”


With our alliance with the high quality service providers all over the world, with our frequent checking and tracking and with our long serving experience, we are in the good books of our customers and we are trying to gain more and more loyal customers.