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We are specialists in freight forwarding to Fiji, Samoa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and New Zealand.

Send to NADI @1.50 per kilo and SUVA @1.70 per kilo from SYDNEY.



Dear Customers!!! Send 4 x 4 BOXES t0 SAMOA & TONGA!!! $350 per box provided.
* 20ft CONTAINER PORT TO PORT for $4550 *

Racer Freight Services is an Australian company based in Sydney which has its branches in Brisbane and Canberra. Airfreight, Sea freight, Customs and Clearance, Road Transport, Warehousing and Distribution are effectively carried by us on National and Multinational levels.


Door to door, Priority mails, Countryside shipment, Overnight service, Domestic and interstate, Next day delivery, Domestic and Pack &Send are the list of services we do expertly.

Door to Door Service
Priority Mails
Country Side
Overnight Service
Domestic and Interstate
Next Day Delivery
Pack and Send
Containers Moved
International Freight

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